In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Jaylani Hussein shares best management practices to support Muslim clients, employees, and colleagues.

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You may know when Ramadan is. You may know about Friday prayer and halal food but how do you actually go about creating a workplace that supports your diverse workforce? Jaylani goes over different techniques and processes that are used to accommodate Muslims by different employers paying particular attention to policies and structures that have ACTUALLY been adopted by employers. This Podcast is not Islam 101. Instead, this Podcast is meant for people who are interested in and committed to making their workplaces inclusive, focusing specifically on Muslims but with some general take-aways for supporting all peoples in your workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Come away with concrete ideas of how to re-restructure your workplace to be more inclusive
  • Learn what other people in your industry or comparable workplaces are doing to be more accommodating towards diverse religions
  • Leave feeling that productivity and religious accommodation can co-exist

Presenter: Jaylani Hussein

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