Podcast Ep. 13 – It’s Still A Big Fat Deal

Jun 5, 2019

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Lisa Love (Twin Cities PBS) explores obesity myths, stereotypes, and internalized fat phobia leading to greater understanding of people of size.

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The BIG FAT DEAL is the gaping hole in the inclusion of people of size to the diversity sphere. This session will challenge stereotypes and perceptions about people of size. Experience the discrimination faced by people of size, and learn how those consequences intersect with other diversity dimensions such as gender and race. Explore internalized fat phobia and experiment with loving your body. Take the opportunity to ask a super morbidly obese person questions in our “Ask a Fat Person” Q&A section. Watch a PBS NOVA segment on obesity, discuss the science, and learn about why size is not a protected class and how inclusion of size and shape to D&I policies and programs strengthens individuals and organizations.

NOVA Study: After watching this NOVA story, do you agree with Dr. Friedman that “It’s their biology that makes it difficult for them to lose those pounds, not some personal failing.” 97% responded yes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore obesity myths, stereotypes and internalized fat phobia leading to greater understanding of people of size
  • Acquire knowledge and concrete solutions to making workplaces more body positive and inclusive to people of all sizes
  • Challenge traditional thinking about inclusion of size to D&I

Presenter: Lisa Love (Twin Cities PBS)

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