In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Chris Jones (Spectra Diversity LLC) shares insights on the effectiveness or “stickiness” of diversity and inclusion trainings and how post-training sustainment is key to making new inclusion behaviors “stick.”

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What happens when a diversity and inclusion or implicit bias training session is concluded? Anything? In a recent survey, half of the D&I consultants and trainers reported that they did not use any method to sustain the lessons learned during their training. About one-third used a participant-generated action plan. On average, it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic—66 days to be exact. Post-training sustainment is key to making new inclusion behaviors “stick.” This session will look at how three year-long sustainability programs, with a range of budget implications, were created:

  • An online cinematic microlearning program, “Creating a Mindset for Change” by GWT Next
  • An online interactive microlearning program, “Powering Inclusive Cultures” by Spectra Diversity
  • Online microlearning options for low budgets (repurposing existing content assets)..
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to demonstrate WHY it is important to put a priority on inclusion
  • Understand WHY it is hard to break through our biases
  • Learn HOW to create new habits of inclusion through year-long micro-learning methods designed to build NEW inclusion habits through repeated activities, gamification and practice.

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