Podcast Ep. 27 – Creating the “Stick”: How to Build a Year-Long Diversity and Inclusion Sustainability Program

Feb 25, 2020

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Chris Jones (Spectra Diversity LLC) shares insights on the effectiveness or “stickiness” of diversity and inclusion trainings and how post-training sustainment is key to making new inclusion behaviors “stick.”

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What happens when a diversity and inclusion or implicit bias training session is concluded? Anything? In a recent survey, half of the D&I consultants and trainers reported that they did not use any method to sustain the lessons learned during their training. About one-third used a participant-generated action plan. On average, it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic—66 days to be exact. Post-training sustainment is key to making new inclusion behaviors “stick.” This session will look at how three year-long sustainability programs, with a range of budget implications, were created:

  • An online cinematic microlearning program, “Creating a Mindset for Change” by GWT Next
  • An online interactive microlearning program, “Powering Inclusive Cultures” by Spectra Diversity
  • Online microlearning options for low budgets (repurposing existing content assets)..
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to demonstrate WHY it is important to put a priority on inclusion
  • Understand WHY it is hard to break through our biases
  • Learn HOW to create new habits of inclusion through year-long micro-learning methods designed to build NEW inclusion habits through repeated activities, gamification and practice.

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