Podcast Ep. 3 – How to Get Invited to the Table and to Sustain Your Place

Jul 26, 2018

One of the most common frustrations and questions asked by women and people of color, and by DEI professionals is the proverbial “How do I get a seat at the table?” More and more professionals report that they want to be recognized as valuable contributors in important business decisions, gain the credibility and visibility that their counterparts experience (often with less effort), and they want access to opportunities. Unfortunately, when the global workforce demographics have shifted significantly over the past 20 years, too many minorities still experience microaggressions, being overlooked, marginalized, and undervalued, and still do not have a seat at the table. In this webinar playback, Dr. Shirley Davis will identify the key skills and behaviors and proven strategies and techniques that will enable minority professionals to not just “earn a seat” at the senior leadership table but how to sustain their level of influence and impact in their organizations.

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