Podcast Ep. 31 – Master These Skills. Master Inclusive Leadership.

Apr 22, 2020

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Patricia Jesperson, chief curiosity officer at EmployeeEXP, and Amy Tolbert, ECCO International principal, explore the five critical leadership skills they’ve identified to help leaders transform into naturally inclusive leaders.

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Want to master inclusive leadership? Master these skills. While emotional intelligence is an important skill when working with anyone different from ourselves, it’s only part of the inclusive leadership equation. Achieving an elevated state of self-awareness is key to developing leaders with capacity to embrace and effectively engage with the increasingly diverse workforce. The Inclusion Matrix™ is designed for leaders—not only in title, but also those who demonstrate organizational influence. The Inclusion Matrix model and process delivers:

  1. An elevated and more holistic leadership development conversation that transcends the narrower conversations associated with diversity, equity and inclusion
  2. A deeper awareness of self and others to strengthen existing relationships and promote new relationships—critical to establishing inclusive cultures and fueling business success
Learning Outcomes
  • Describe the five critical skills in the Inclusion Matrix™
  • Describe the value inclusive leadership brings to both our personal and organizational growth
  • Assist organizations in creating inclusive, talent-attracting and innovative cultures to ensure sustainable growth

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