In this special bonus episode of The Forum Podcast, Rebecca Slaby (AMAZEworks) answers questions from listeners that attended our popular webinar White Fragility and Microagressions In the Workplace: When Good People Behave Badly sponsored by AON.

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Rebecca Slaby answers the following questions:

  • What does the term POCI mean?
  • Could you share a bit about the similarities and distinctions between White Privilege and White Fragility?
  • I have been hearing sensitivity to the language of microaggressions. Can you comment on the term itself and some of the ways it’s received and how to navigate the pros/cons of the term?
  • In your work, do you see it seems easier to talk about gender or sexual orientation bias than racial bias? That seems to be what shows up in our environment.
  • You mentioned having an ally and not speaking up when experiencing microaggression in the workplace. Unfortunately, there may not be an ally and the POC has to speak up. We cannot rely on someone else to speak up on our behalf. What do you recommend to someone who is the “only”?
  • What are your go-tos for de-escalating heated conversations and emotions from white people when you are facilitating?
  • Can you provide more information and tips on the scarcity discussion – white people do often feel like they’re losing a piece of the pie – if you’re saying more women and POC at the top, doesn’t that mean less white people?
  • If you are hiring a Director of Equity and Inclusion in a primarily White environment, what are you looking for in a candidate and how can we best support the candidate in this environment?

This Podcast is a follow up to our April 22 – 23, 2020 AON sponsored Forum Webinar Series, White Fragility and Microagressions In the Workplace: When Good People Behave Badly.

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