Podcast Ep. 36 – How to Be a Pro Troublemaker: What It Takes to Actually Get People to Change

Jun 9, 2020

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Stefanie Krievins (Stefanie Krievins & Co.) explains how to go from being a troublemaker and not getting things done, to being a pro troublemaker and how to actually get things done!

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Innovation happens when we’re willing to challenge the status quo and propel an organization forward through revolutionary and incremental steps. When you’re the one doing all the forward-thinking, it’s easy to want to leave others behind—or worse yet, isolate yourself from the team.

Learn how NOT to fit in but still bring others along with you. You’ll also learn three secret tools to better understand what your colleagues need in order to change, and how you can guide them through the proverbial change curve.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to be a positive deviant, not the devil’s advocate
  • Identify your own need for change and the speed at which you want it
  • Choose the top three tools you want to use to influence change with your colleagues

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