Podcast Ep. 43 – Elevate Your Change Management Game: Accelerating Progress Through Strategic Intention

Aug 25, 2020

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Angela Cooper (Mutual of Omaha) offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on insights and methods for leading a cultural change initiative in any environment.

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Influencing the future is a big job. Are you up to it? As DEI practitioners, we must approach change leadership with a strategic mind, a psychological lens, an empathetic core, and a concrete plan. There is an entire body of work dedicated to the art and science of change management, and although there is no silver bullet, practical tools exist to accelerate the adoption of cultural change. We must get vigorously intentional about designing, executing, and reinforcing organizational change. It’s not only possible to engineer this journey, it’s critical.

Learning Outcomes
  • Gain an approach for organizing a comprehensive change strategy and how to frame up and leverage a resonating change message
  • Acquire techniques to influence multiple stakeholders, meeting them where they are
  • Examine why you should expect resistance and how to manage through it

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