In this special bonus episode of The Forum Podcast, Dr. Christopher Sansone (Verticle Leadership), Maria Velasco, MA (Beyond Inclusion Group) answer questions from listeners that attended our webinar Harnessing the Power of Resistance: Transformative Leadership Strategies, sponsored by AON.

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Dr. Christopher Sansone and Maria Velasco, MA answer questions from our listening audience around these talking points:

  • Helping leaders understand that there is personal work that they need to do
  • Develop the skills to move forward to become better people leaders
  • How companies can address fear associated with challenging political positions without unleashing toxicity into the workplace
  • Figuring out how to engage those that are not interested in DEI or resistant to DEI
  • Understanding “resistance” as a natural protective reaction

For additional context and insight into this topic and conversation, watch the replay of Harnessing the Power of Resistance: Transformative Leadership Strategies.


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