In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Carole Burton (Radiance Resources) explores the direct connection between how your people feel, engage, and perform and the growth of an organization.

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You might lift an eyebrow when you hear the concept of “equity” related to the bottom line. Does creating an inclusive workplace impact your company’s return on investment and brand footprint?
Yes. Now more than ever, there is a direct connection between how your people feel, engage, and perform. This shift is paramount to the growth and reputation of the organization. As workplace expectations continue to grow in this new reality, there is a need to prepare, create a safe and inclusive environment.

A Daily Equity practice is a way to incorporate these expectations throughout all projects, processes, and ways of knowing. That means exploring unconscious bias, expanding self-awareness, and examining cultural competency.

A Daily Equity Practice helps leaders shift their mindset and hence their teams. By improving internal communication, Return on Investment (ROI), and the organization’s external brand footprint for the better. We discover how to alter company structures, provide access for employees to share their expertise, and fully experience lasting organizational change.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn what happens when organizations apply the Bolman and Deal (2008) Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership, connecting Equity to Return on Investment
  • Discover ways when helping employees build Equity, encourages good Public Relations Risk management
  • Explore the definition and effect of creating a Daily Equity Practice mindset

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