In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Kirsten Davenport and Darius Norwood of Norwood & Co. explore the often-overlooked conversation about getting and retaining minority talent.

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Millennials have become the largest generation in America’s workforce. And, by 2030, they will hold more than 75% of the workforce. As everyone is in pursuit of talent, there is a different fight for minority talent. Darius and Kristen share actionable recommendations to not only obtain but keep your minority millennial talent and identify potential gaps within your organization.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to recruit and retain diverse millennials
  • Delve into personal examples from a Fortune 500 Corporate Employee and Corporate turned Entrepreneur
  • Identify potential gaps within your organization and learn how to quickly fill them with actionable recommendations.

Want to hear more from Darius’ and Kirsten’s podcast All Things Career? Head to norwoodandco.com for more information.

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Podcast episode audio sample, “Joan Kuhl explains Why Millennials Matter.”

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