In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Rebekah Steele(Rebekah Steele | Diversity Breakthroughs) and Alison Maitland (author, speaker, coach) discuss the “INdivisible approach” as a way to radically rethink “feel good” inclusion initiatives.

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Global disruptions unveil the limits of isolated “feel good” inclusion initiatives that fall short of driving the systemic transformation needed for all to thrive. The “INdivisible approach” offers a more effective way. Linked to business priorities and social impact, it helps an organization harness the “collective superpower” of a full mix of people by weaving inclusion into how it operates. This approach addresses behaviors and structures as well as feelings, and engages everyone – sr. leaders, managers, and individuals – in collaborative innovation and accountability for impact.

As a whole-system framework for sustainable results, The INdivisible approach considers both internal and external dynamics, helping organizations demonstrate leadership and impact in addressing broader disruptions and opportunities including climate change, Covid-19, and Black Lives Matter.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discover how to overcome the limits of piecemeal efforts with a whole-system approach to inclusion
  • Deepen understanding through a case example of a comprehensive, business-linked inclusion strategy
  • Gain practical insight into immediate steps to initiate your whole system approach to inclusion

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