In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Rehana Lerandeau, (Human Impact Partners) explores fair chance hiring and the challenges, barriers and bias formerly incarcerated people face when seeking employment.

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A growing number of companies have put diversity initiatives into practice, especially when it comes to hiring. But people who have been incarcerated are still significantly overlooked.

One way to build equality in our society is by providing equal access to jobs. AI background check company Checkr saw how gaps in the criminal justice system negatively impact Black people and contribute to systemic racial discrimination in our country.

Checkr made it the company’s mission to address the bias and racism ingrained in each part of the system, from arrest to conviction to re-entry. With October being Diversity Awareness Month, Margie Margie Lee-Johnson, VP of People at Checkr can specifically discuss:

  • The benefits of fair chance hiring for employers and wider communities
  • What companies can do now to adopt fair chance hiring (drawing from Checkr’s first-ever fair chance hiring playbook)
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the challenges, barriers and bias formerly incarcerated people face when seeking employment
  • Understand that practicing fair chance hiring not only leads to more diverse talent, but it addresses a larger issue related to recidivism and should be part of more company’s diversity initiatives
  • Understand how companies can build a fair chance hiring and retainment plan

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