In this special bonus episode of The Forum Podcast, Dr. Daniel Cantor Yalowitz (DCY Consulting) and Tatyana Fertelmeyster (Connecting Differences, LLC) answer questions from listeners that attended our very popular April 2021 webinar From Bystander to Ally.

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Daniel and Tatyana answer questions from our listening audience around these talking points:

  • Is “active bystander” the same as “ally”?
  • Where did you get your definitions of bystander and ally and other terms?
  • Is someone still considered to be an ally if someone tells them about an incident and they are in a position to respond or do something – but don’t?
  • What else could bystanders have done during the murder of George Floyd?
  • What if you are naturally opposed to conflict and confrontation, but want to speak up or act? How does one “train” their brain to welcome conflict?
  • At a critical moment some people find themselves struggling with a decision to step in or not. What would you say about a situation when what’s stopping us is not knowing if another person wants our help?
  • What is key in trying to promote a culture or initiative of allyship in a
    company or workplace?

For additional context and insight into this topic and conversation, watch the replay of From Bystander to Ally.

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