In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Adrienne Kimball (Rubicon Programs, Inc.) and Karen Cohen (Rubicon Programs, Inc.) share Rubicon’s own journey to becoming a social justice organization as well as other helpful resources and insights for others to utilize.

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As an affirmative action employer, Rubicon has been tracking diversity goals for years. In 2014, Rubicon crystallized its identity as a social justice organization and a dedicated combatant against generational poverty in the East Bay. This fueled its decision to focus on systemic and cumulative inequity — first in the organization, and then in the communities it serves. Rubicon prioritized advancing equity and ensuring inclusion and belonging. This podcast begins with a case study showing the path Rubicon traveled, and then provides a framework for others to model the equity they wish to see in their own organizations.

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify common organizational policies and practices that serve to maintain inequity
  • Understand how setting competencies provide managers with metrics to hold employees accountable
  • Craft a checklist of tasks needed to show how dominant culture influences decisions, and find entry

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