In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Kathy Kacher (Career/Life Alliance Services; The SMART Workplace), Latoya Burrell (Anderson Foundation), and Anu Mandapati (Talking Talent, Inc.) explore ways your organization can “up-skill” its managers to create excellent team cultures regardless of where managers and the team are working from.

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Developing managers has been challenging organizations for decades. Often companies are so wrapped up in the urgent work of the day that they haven’t made the time or taken the time to help managers develop the competencies they need to be inclusive and competent in the ever-changing workplace. During the pandemic virtual and dispersed work has leapfrogged ahead at least 5 years and managers are doing their best to make this work, but that doesn’t mean they’re good at it. During this interactive session we will work through an assessment of your organization’s management skills, identify gaps and create actions that every company can take to begin up-skilling managers to not just lead, but to create excellent team cultures that enable their teams to succeed no matter where they are working.

Learning Outcomes
  • Define what manager inclusion habits looks on a dispersed team
  • Examine how the lack of good inclusion habits impact the employee experience in a remote workplace
  • Develop actions you can take to develop manager’s inclusion competencies in the new workplace

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