In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Brittany J. Harris (also known as Brittany Janay) shares a thoughtful note of affirmation and loving accountability to Black folks working in DEI. The toll of working in DEI while Black is well documented and there are not many spaces that center the healing and nurturing that this toll calls for—particularly as Black practitioners work to dismantle the very same systems they too are impacted by.

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Brittany uses a conversation that came up in a 2021 Forum on Workplace Inclusion session to set context for this episode and offers to Black practitioners critical reflections and affirmations around three words: Clarity, Ease, and Collective.

As part of this episode, listeners will be encouraged to engage with the three learning outcomes listed below.

Brittany shares her reflections on these topics and offers insight into what she refers to as her own “intrapersonal reckoning” in hopes that it is possibility for others.

Learning Outcomes
  • Unpack internalized anti-blackness and capitalism by disrupting the lie that our bodies are merely tools for production, and that our work is our worth
  • Consider the imperative of boundaries in how we show up in community
  • Reflect on what it means to embody an abundance mindset that serves as a gateway to the power in the collective

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