In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Alli Strong-Martin (Lifeworks Services, Inc.) and Ashley Oolman (Lifeworks Services, Inc.) lead listeners through a discussion about how ableism and white supremacy interlock to hinder inclusion.

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Though one of the most intersectional protected classes, people with disabilities are often kept from full participation in communities and workplaces due to lingering bias and unaddressed discrimination. For disabled people who carry additional marginalized identities, these gaps become even more vast. This leads to disproportionate rates of unemployment and poverty amongst 61 million people living in the US who have a disability. In this podcast, we uncover the ways in which white, non-disabled bodies and minds have hoarded power in organizations for decades, and how we can advocate for universal policies and practices that increase workplace inclusion for all, ending the cycle of white supremacy and ableism at work.

Learning Outcomes
  • Confront complacency in ableism and begin to dismantle personal bias contributing to disability exclusion
  • Learn to recognize the intersection of multiple systems of oppression
  • Discover opportunities to advance intersectional inclusion in the workplace

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