Podcast Ep. 9 – RACE: Inclusion & Colorism. How Understanding the History can Help Us Transform

Feb 18, 2019

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Milagros Phillips speaks to the concept of colorism, its history, and its impact on today’s workplace.

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More than 100 years before the Mayflower landed on what is now known as the continental USA, colorism was being used as a form of division that determined your economy, class, and position in society. Today colorism is alive and well and could undermine hiring, promotion, retention, mentoring and ultimately your bottom line. Join us in exploring this 500-year-old legacy and its impact on our modern workplace as we seek to create inclusion and belonging in our organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is colorism and its history?
  • The various ways colorism impacts diversity and inclusion
  • How awareness of colorism can change the way you do business

Presenter: Milagros Phillips

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