In this episode of The Forum Podcast Amy Yip (Amy Yip Coaching) shares what mental fitness is, why it matters, skills & practices to build their own mental fitness, and how to apply it in cultivating a more diverse, equitable, inclusive workplace.

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If you’re physically fit, you’d be able to climb a steep hill without much physical stress. Same with mental fitness. The more mentally fit you are, the more you’ll be able to handle the stress, anxiety, and frustrations that come from work and personal life challenges.

Recent events such as the pandemic, social unrest, and political changes have overstretched many of us. Mental fitness is the X factor. Your level of Mental Fitness is the best predictor of how happy you are, and how well you perform relative to your potential. It’s the key to unlocking your growth mindset and ability to evolve, change and adapt. So you can not just survive but thrive in these tumultuous times. Good news: like physical fitness, you can boost your mental fitness with practice.

Learning Outcomes
  • Describe what mental fitness is and why it’s important to building a positive workplace culture
  • Identify and summarize the three core muscles at the root of mental fitness
  • Apply the mental fitness skills and practices to better handle daily work & personal life challenges

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