In this special bonus episode of The Forum Podcast, Kari Heistad (Culture Coach International, Diversity Dashboard) answers questions from listeners that attended our May 19, 2022 webinar Building a Diversity Program as an HR Professional.

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Kari Heistad answers these questions from our listening audience:

  • Is a DEI Strategy or Equity Strategy/Policy is needed prior to starting substantive DEI work? Or is it important to get that buy in first?
  • What is recommend as an early action to get alignment on roles/expectations for our partners in HR?
  • What is recommend on how to continue to drive employee participation and engagement in ERGs and to keep them focused on the goals? Should ERG members be compensated financially?
  • Approximately how much ERG money is acceptable? And is this money for the group, or compensation for the group leaders?
  • Are there suggestions other than utilizing diversity websites for recruiting?
  • What are some metrics and/or outcomes you suggest we look at or use to measure progress in DEI?
  • What are the qualifications you would recommend for DEI council member?
  • Are there resources for having courageous conversations with individuals that are resistant to DEI initiatives?

For additional context and insight into this topic and conversation, watch the replay of Building a Diversity Program as an HR Professional.


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