Podcast Ep. 96: Building a Diversity Program as an HR Professional Continued

Jun 23, 2022

In this special bonus episode of The Forum Podcast, Kari Heistad (Culture Coach International, Diversity Dashboard) answers questions from listeners that attended our May 19, 2022 webinar Building a Diversity Program as an HR Professional.

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Kari Heistad answers these questions from our listening audience:

  • Is a DEI Strategy or Equity Strategy/Policy is needed prior to starting substantive DEI work? Or is it important to get that buy in first?
  • What is recommend as an early action to get alignment on roles/expectations for our partners in HR?
  • What is recommend on how to continue to drive employee participation and engagement in ERGs and to keep them focused on the goals? Should ERG members be compensated financially?
  • Approximately how much ERG money is acceptable? And is this money for the group, or compensation for the group leaders?
  • Are there suggestions other than utilizing diversity websites for recruiting?
  • What are some metrics and/or outcomes you suggest we look at or use to measure progress in DEI?
  • What are the qualifications you would recommend for DEI council member?
  • Are there resources for having courageous conversations with individuals that are resistant to DEI initiatives?

For additional context and insight into this topic and conversation, watch the replay of Building a Diversity Program as an HR Professional.


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