Podcast Ep. 99: Interrupting Intercultural Codeshifting: Global ICDEI Through a Strengths-Based Lens Part I

Aug 17, 2022

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COVID has created an unanticipated world where we have greater virtual access to others. As teams span geographical and national boundaries to collaborate, the need for deeper intercultural and diversity, equity, and inclusion (ICDEI) awareness, practical tools, and skills has never been more vital.

The world has changed and won’t change back to the way it was, so creating a bridge to greater awareness between incredibly diverse team members, and between oneself and others is critical for optimized workplace communication and performance necessary for solving complex problems.

It is possible to develop an environment with intercultural diversity, incorporating multiple languages and nations, that transcends divisiveness and amplifies the gifts of diversity.

We transformed a network of global intercultural organizations to create conversations that pushed through defensive attitudes and adversarial barriers and moved directly to embrace individual, team, and organizational strengths.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn to create psychological safety in a highly diverse large group (50+)
  • Understand the importance of relational versus positional respect as a game changer in complex times
  • Achieve 100% engagement in ideating amongst diverse groups

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