The Power of Empathy: Driving Work Culture Improvements and DEI learning within Remote, Hybrid and In-person Teams

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When: September 29, 2022
Where: Online/Virtual
Cost: $195
Level: Introductory
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenters: Kate Mortenson, iPondr SBC  |  Chris Van Meter, Envisionit  |  Kristie Lazenberry, St. Paul Area Chamber
This event is part of The Forum’s new Professional Development Labs learning series. More information below. 

Collective storytelling binds us together and brings awareness to the experiences of others, while fostering empathy skill. In the new world of work, learn how technology can help to promote human-centered storytelling as part of your DEI efforts to bolster effectiveness and activate employee participation from the ground up.

In this session, you will hear from experts on the science behind frequent exposure to “otherness” and its research-demonstrated impact to shape better workplace culture. You’ll learn about the proven impact of learning someone else’s story as well as having the space to share your own in an environment of self-paced learning. Finally, gain a new perspective on how to leverage this powerful tool to fit your needs.

This experiential learning opportunity includes a workshop example of true human stories, in rich media, as a learning tool. Also included: a live remote interview to learn how one organization activates learning by using true-life stories of diverse lived experience, why this organization feels it is important to do, and how this approach is making a difference. Ask questions and join in workshopping with peers, to find your way to practical application of storytelling in your own workplace culture-shaping efforts.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the importance of empathy within the workplace and empathy skill development in DEI learning
  • Learn how the power of first-person storytelling can be used to deepen DEI understanding and create an environment of belonging
  • Discover creative ways that organizations can engage employees in empathy-building from the ground up, to enhance DEI learning
About The Forum’s Action Planning Breakout Sessions

Unique to the PDL learning experience, each PDL includes Action Planning Breakout Sessions. The Action Planning Breakout Sessions give individuals a chance to participate in small group work that results in having their own goal-oriented action plan to take what they learned at the PDL and apply it in their workplace or organization.

About The Forum’s Professional Development Labs

Professional Development Labs (PDLs) are half-day interactive learning experiences intended to develop professional competencies that support leaders in reaching the next level in their DEI leadership. Unlike traditional workshop sessions, PDLs will be goal oriented and include personal and professional action and accountability planning for next level leadership. PDLs will be offered synchronously in varying formats (in-person, hybrid or virtual) based on CDC convening recommendations.

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