Aaron Cannon

Aaron Cannon

Lead Accessibility Engineer and Co-Founder

Company: Accessible360
Role: Session Presenter Sessions: Create an Inclusive Culture by Having Accessible Digital Properties (Learning Lab 5)  |   Create an Inclusive Culture by Having Accessible Digital Properties (S5-A)

As a seasoned front-end website developer and accessibility engineer offering a most unique set of skills and experiences, Aaron Cannon co-founded a digital accessibility agency, Accessible360, to help clients navigate compliance. Aaron has a vested interest in making the web more accessible for everyone because he uses a screen reader, for both work and recreational use of the internet. He leads the design / UX on the National Institute for the Blind website; this marks the first time a person who is blind took the lead designing a site for both sighted and visually impaired people.

He first got on the web in 1996 using the Lynx web browser via a Linux shell account. When Windows screen readers improved to the point where they could interact much better with Internet Explorer, he made the switch. Aaron is proficient in several programming platforms and languages (WordPress, Django, Zend Framework, Python, PHP, and JavaScript) and especially enjoys the teaching and training aspect of website accessibility work.

Working in website accessibility professionally since 2007, he became an accessibility engineer in 2011 and leads the audit services for A360.