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Alejandra González Landeros


Company: The Centre for Global Inclusion
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Global DEI Best Practice (S3-C)

“I’m driven to create spaces for self and collective encounters and to support individuals and organizations to become stronger by recognizing and managing D&I as part of their core values.”

Alejandra González Landeros is a consultant in diversity and inclusion, an industrial civil engineer with a minor in environment, holds a diploma in human resources management with a gender focus, and is certified as a Cultural Detective®. She worked for more than six years in a mining industry company in Chile as chief of the sustainability office, a period in which she led the first assessment process on D&I and the development of its strategy. Her experience in D&I is related to social and labor inclusion of young people who have committed crimes, people with disabilities, and the promotion of gender equality. She is also a former member of the board of Reinventarse Foundation, one of two main NGOs focused on social and labor inclusion for young people who have committed crimes in Chile.

Since 2017, Alejandra started to work as a consultant in different areas of sustainability (carbon footprint, human rights, etc.) and D&I issues for NGOs such as Acción Empresas, Mustakis, and Unicef Chile. In 2018, she coordinated the first social intervention to sensitize “listeners” about deaf people’s culture and reality. She also collaborated with a Brazilian consultant company and developed the seminar “Dialogue on the Challenges of the Labor Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Chile” sponsored by SENADIS, Ministry of Social Development in Chile. Between 2018 and 2019, she became a volunteer for The Centre for Global Inclusion in the DEI Future Project.

Today, Alejandra is an associate director of Connecting D&I: Successful tools and new practices for Latin America, dedicated to supporting organizations from different industries such as mining, agroindustry, and pharmaceutical, among others, to implement successful D&I strategies.

Connecting D&I, a collaborative platform built in alliance with international specialized centers, seeks to develop and disseminate successful experiences and methodologies, such as the GDEIB, to support all types of organizations in effectively managing their diversity and inclusion strategies and cultural changes.

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