Alma Ramos

Project Manager

Company: Farzana Nayani | Consulting & Training
Role: Session Presenter

Alma Ramos (she/hers) is a facilitator and advocate for anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her work is dedicated to creating more equitable spaces for marginalized communities, offering programming to increase retention of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) within organizational settings, and cultivating continuous learning opportunities on how to best support individuals with an intersectionality lens.

As a Black and Mexican woman of color, Alma is a passionate activist for the Latiné and Black community, and advances efforts that support the needs of multiracial and multiethnic individuals. She aims to foster collaborative environments that benefit from cultural diversity and offers guidance to increase the success and retention of marginalized identities. She has an MA in counseling with focused studies on how systems can better support underrepresented communities.

Coming from the higher education and student affairs space, Alma holds an intersectional lens on how to truly support and advocate for underrepresented identities within the institution. She has worked with a team of more than 50 task force members, including students, faculty, staff, and advisory board members, on creating anti-racist and transformational policies and action that will support the marginalized communities reached, within and outside of the institution. She also engaged in one-on-one and group coaching with faculty and staff members on creating equitable and supportive learning environments.

With Farzana Nayani Consulting & Training, Alma has led multiple workshops focusing on how to create more equitable and inclusive workplace and organizational environments. For multiple clients, she has created and analyzed surveys to measure the needs of their organizations, as well as develops reports to share the findings. She specializes in affinity group spaces and advocating for the wellness of BIPOC communities, holding these sessions for 400-plus employee clients. Alma also specializes in the implementation and advising of employee resource groups (ERGs), guiding groups on best practices.

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