Andrea Wicks Bowles

Senior Consultant

Company: LCW
Role: Session Presenter

Throughout her career, Andrea Wicks Bowles has been engaged in learning and developing across industry to enable organizations to create a workplace culture of inclusion. With a strong background in strategic talent management, diversity and inclusion, and work/life consulting, Andrea has helped clients meet their business objectives.

As a DEI consultant, Andrea assists organizations in developing a strategy to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into the workplace. In addition to helping organizations to build leadership capacity for fostering inclusive cultures, she facilitates employee focus groups, surveys, and workforce planning assessments designed to inform the direction of the organization.

With her international HR consulting, she focused on understanding the cultural perspective of an organization and the country to identify the employee experience. The cornerstones of successful workforce investments are listening to leadership and key stakeholders, engaging employees, and analyzing organizational data to facilitate a customized approach.

At LCW, Andrea leverages her years of experience to engage organizations to consider the learning and development needs of the workforce. This includes facilitating trainings that upskill employees in the skills and mindsets that recognize and collaborate across differences, and helping to build manager capabilities and behaviors that foster inclusive environments.

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