Ashley Oolman

Disability Inclusion Consultant

Company: Lifeworks
Role: Session Presenter

2020 Conference Session: What Are We Afraid Of? Leaders Disclosing Disability (Spotlight 3)

Ashley Oolman, Disability Inclusion consultant at Lifeworks Services, transforms workplaces through accessibility tools, evidence-based best practices and compliance assessments. From large corporations to small businesses, she guides strategic inclusive hiring and retention initiatives to diversify talent and advance disability employment.

With more than a decade of leadership experience in advocacy, employment and workplace culture, Ashley understands how to navigate complex environments to provide insight for growth. She has worked with businesses including Securian, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Ameriprise. Additionally, she has partnered with community organizations and school districts.

Ashley has an MBA with a concentration on human resource management and a BA in psychology with a minor in human development and family studies. She is committed to inclusion as a means to advance human rights for all people, in all walks of life.

Connect with her and learn more:

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion®
2211 Riverside Ave, CB 54
Minneapolis, MN 55454
(612) 373-5994

Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography
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