Ashley Oolman

Founder and Equity Consultant

Company: Allied Folk
Role: Podcast Presenter  /  Session Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 45 – Overt Discrimination in the Workplace: Disability and the Law
Post: Podcast Ep. 77: Interlocking Inequities: White Supremacy and Ableism
2022 Conference Session: Survivor’s Guilt: Confronting Missed DEI Opportunities (AW1-B)
2022 Conference Session: Power Struggles: Radical Leadership Practices for Advancing Equity (S4-C)
2022 Conference Session: Beyond Adding the “A”: Planning for Actual Accessibility (S6-A)

Ashley Oolman, founder and inclusion consultant for Allied Folk, guides partners through evidence-based best practices, product development, and progressive thought leadership. From large corporations to individual allies, she transforms strategic business initiatives and advances equitable community spaces. With more than a decade of leadership experience in advocacy, employment, and workplace culture, she understands how to navigate complex environments and provide actionable insights for growth.

Ashley strives to advance community equity through her contributions on a collective impact task force and serves on a coalition of providers supporting transracially adopted youth to reinforce their development of positive Black identity. In her free time, she enjoys creating space to coach local parents on inclusive parenting, including children in critical conversations.

Ashley earned an MBA with a concentration on human resource management, a BA in psychology with a minor in human development and family studies, and a certification in organizational diversity and inclusion. Most recently, she was selected as a Josie R. Johnson Leadership Academy fellow and was accepted into the YWCA’s Racial Justice Facilitator program. She is committed to inclusion as a means to advance human rights for all people, in all walks of life.

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