Avivah Wittenberg-Cox


Company: 20-first
Role: Podcast Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 26 – Engaging Men & Leaders in Gender Balance

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox is CEO of 20-first, a global consulting firm working with companies interested in capturing the competitive advantage of gender, nationality, and generational balance. Since 2005, she has worked around the globe with the CEOs, Executive Committees and top management teams of some of the world’s best-known companies to capture the business opportunities of more balanced, 21st century forms of leadership, customer connections and talent management.

Her ground-breaking thought leadership has featured in The New York Times, BBC, Le Monde, FT, Der Spiegel and is accessible through several seminal books and regular contributions to Harvard Business Review and Forbes. She is an acclaimed speaker on ‘gender bilingual’ leadership, marketing and talent management issues across the globe and has done several TEDx talks. She has been recognized by ELLE Magazine as one of the Top 40 Women Leading Change and was recently celebrated by PWN Global with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Gender Balanced Leadership.

Why Women Mean Business was awarded the MANPOWER Best Book of the Year Prize and her impactful book 7 Steps to Leading a Gender Balanced Business is used by many global leaders as a roadmap to balance.

By nationality Canadian, French and Swiss, she has an MBA from INSEAD and is a graduate of the University of Toronto. She lives in London with her sculptor husband and is occasionally visited by her two, globe-trotting, gender-balanced children, a son and daughter.


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