ayris scales

Ayris Scales

Founder and CEO

Company: Abel Vision Enterprises
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Decolonizing Philanthropy (NP-1A)

Ayris Scales is a tri-sector executive who brings years of experience designing and executing fundraising strategies, culturally sensitive communications, and policy planning. She has been called on to provide team building and startup operations for prominent elected officials, global brand executives, and highly recognized nonprofit organizations. Her expertise lies in building authentic public-private partnerships, stakeholder engagement, fundraising, strategic planning, and startup efforts that benefit women, underinvested communities, and teams. Her leadership and approach have generated outcomes that are both purposeful and profitable.

As the founder and CEO of Abel Vision Enterprises, her high-energy and creative talks motivate audiences to ATTRACT investments, VOCALIZE impact, and EXCITE partners. Ayris has raised more than $50M in grants and investments and administered more than $200M in funding and subsidies. She brings a raw yet warm delivery to every keynote, podcast, radio, and TV appearance.


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