Brad Fortier

Training and Development Specialist

Company: Oregon Health Authority
Role: Session Presenter

2020 Conference Session: Journey Beyond the Comfort Zone: Designing and Facilitating Transformative Learning Experiences for Leaders (SEM-H)

Brad Fortier, MA, is an anthropologist, author, educator and entertainer. He has been teaching and training adults in a variety of settings for more than 20 years. He combines two fields of applied work in his research and training background: applied anthropology and applied improvisation. Both utilize collaborative approaches to solving human problems in the field and in organizations. Brad has been working in the inclusion, diversity, equity and access space since creating Spontaneous Village, a trauma-informed game and play-based community-building intervention for refugees, in 2014 in San Antonio, Texas, and Berlin, Germany, in 2016, and he had an advisory role with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in 2016 for incorporating interactive and experiential methods of training in their work.

Brad is the author of “Long-Form Improvisation: Collaboration, Comedy, Communion”; “A Culture of Play”; “Essays on the Origins, Effects, and Applications of Improvised Theatre”; and a chapter in “Applied Improvisation: Leading, Collaborating and Creating Beyond the Theatre” published by Bloomsbury London in 2018. His thinking, scholarship and field research on applying improvisation is widely regarded as foundational for this emerging field of training.

Brad is the training and development specialist for the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) Equity and Inclusion Division. He is an educational strategist for OHA designing their equity-diversity-inclusion training plan for staff, as well as coaching executives on “inclusive leadership.” Prior to that, he was the coordinator for Portland Community College’s Illumination Project, which is a year-long student leadership program that uses interactive theater to teach about social justice issues and bystander intervention. In that role, he facilitated interactive theater events that created a dialogue for public audiences about racism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism, and practiced interrupting incidences of bias and discrimination.

Brad is a planning committee member for the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference since 2017 and the Oregon State Diversity Conference since 2018. In 2019, he chaired the accessibility committees for both conferences. Brad has also spoken, taught, directed and performed across the United States, Canada and the European Union about both improvised theater and applied improvisation.

Brad is excited to be working more with Riikka Salonen since meeting her in 2017 through collaborations between Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Department of Human Services and OHA.

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