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Brittany Dahlen

Clinical Education Specialist

Company: Children's Minnesota
Role: Webinar Presenter

Webinar: Using Innovative Simulation Strategies to Dismantle Systemic Racism

Brittany Dahlen is a Masters prepared Nurse educator and nursing professional development specialist for Simulation. Dahlen has worked as the Clinical Education Specialist for Simulation Based Mastery Learning for 3 years. Her work with the simulation department includes designing and implementing curricula to meet organizational needs, including utilizing simulation to target preventable harm reduction. She focuses on using simulation assessment techniques, specifically Simulation Based Mastery Learning for health professionals. Dahlen has pursued specialized training in simulation and debriefing from Children’s Minnesota Debriefing Course and in designing and implementing simulation-based mastery learning curricula at Northwestern Simulation, the Feinberg School of Medicine. Dahlen also is the Principal Investigator for multiple funded and unfunded research studies.


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