Brittany J. Harris

Vice President, Learning and Innovation

Company: The Winters Group, Inc.
Role: Guest Speaker  /  Podcast Presenter  /  Session Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 75: A Liberated Love Note – For Black Folks in DEI When “Doin’ The Work” No Longer Feels Like Enough
2022 Conference Session: Beyond Empathy: A Call for White Humility in Response to Black Rage, Part Two (FS-1B)

“I am… a Black woman, mother, sister, caregiver, a perpetual wonder(er) and truth-teller, an advocate for justice and radical self-love. I am… constantly learning, unlearning, relearning and committed to BEing possibility for what it means to show up as one’s most liberated self. I #LiveInclusively by curating learning experiences that shift perspectives, inspire critical thinking, change hearts and empower action in service of justice, equity and inclusion.”

Brittany J. Harris (also known as Brittany Janay) is vice president of Learning and Innovation with The Winters Group. In her role, she partners with leaders and organizations to design learning experiences that shift perspectives, change hearts, and empower action in service of equity, justice, and inclusion. She leads The Winters Group’s broader learning solutions strategy and, since joining the team in 2016, has evolved the firm’s portfolio to center equity and social justice.

Brittany is the creator of Liberated Love Notes: Critical Self-Reflections & Affirmations for The Culture, which was recently adapted into a weekly podcast show that centers the healing, affirmation, and experiences of Black people thriving in white spaces.

Prior to joining The Winters Group, Brittany held human resources, diversity management, affirmative action compliance, and consulting roles in Washington, DC; Baltimore, Md.; and Tampa Bay, Fla. A graduate of Howard University, Brittany holds an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism. She also received her master’s degree in human resources management with a concentration on diversity and inclusion management from Georgetown University. She is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®).

Brittany has previously served on the curriculum advisory board for Baltimore City Public Schools’ BMore Me Initiative, The Florida Diversity Council, Women in Cable Telecommunications Florida, The Pinellas County Urban League Young Professionals, and The Greater Baltimore Leadership Association. She has been featured in publications and news outlets, including VICE, HR Insights Magazine, and WMAR Channel 2 News.

She is a mom to a beautiful boy named Braxton, and currently resides in Baltimore County, Md., land originally cared for and nurtured by the Susquehannock and Piscataway tribes.

“In the bigger scheme of things, the universe is not asking us to do something; the universe is asking us to be something. And that’s a whole different thing.” – Lucille Clifton


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