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Carole Burton

Managing Director, Lead Facilitator, Podcast Host

Company: Radiance Resources
Role: Podcast Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 53: How a Daily Equity Practice Builds Revenue & Mitigates PR Risk Management

Carole Burton offers a different approach to Professional Development that provides lasting results. Carole started Radiance Resources that focuses on accountability, Equity, and adapting. Carole guides mission-focused leaders to connect, engage, and mentor to create meaningful change.

Carole’s professional expertise includes roles in Sales and Purchasing. She worked in Retail, and Industrial Manufacturing focused organizations. In each position, Carole took the time to understand how her role impacted others. Deeply understanding institutional structures, Carole is not afraid to tackle significant initiatives.
Through her Radiance Real Talk podcast, speaking, and seminar sessions, Carole uses her gift of storytelling. She makes every interaction personal, every encounter genuinely unique, and every conversation meaningful.

Carole earned her Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management from Winona State University and a Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies at Augsburg University. She was the student representative Commencement speaker for both graduation ceremonies.

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