Catherine Strahan

Regional Vice President

Company: Mind Gym
Role: Session Presenter

Catherine Strahan, MBA, is a regional vice president with Mind Gym. She partners with a portfolio of clients, assessing their organizational development needs and devising strategies to meet these needs.

Catherine works with clients in the retail, insurance, financial, pharmaceutical, healthcare and manufacturing industries. She assists clients by bringing effective human capital training solutions to address complex business challenges. Through the Mind Gym approach, she helps organizations optimize their efficiency and enhance their employee and customer engagement. She provides strategy, definition and architecture to their performance management, leadership and manager development initiatives and leads focused efforts on diversity, inclusion and respect within the workplace.

Catherine has 20 years of experience including more than 10 years combined with Gallup and J.D. Power. She earned her master’s in business administration, with a double major in marketing and management, from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington.

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