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Chevara Orrin

Principal Strategist

Company: The Winters Group, Inc.
Role: Session Presenter

2019 Conference Session: Working Through Whiteness (SEM-L )
2020 Conference Session: Mapping the Intersection of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and Social Justice (SJ) Work (SEM-J)
2021 Conference Session: Beyond Empathy: A Call for White Humility in Response to Black Rage (FS-3)
2021 Conference Session: Dismantling Systemic Racism

“I am the dream of both immigrant and enslaved, the great-granddaughter of Burrell Bevel, born into bondage on an Alabama cotton plantation in 1837, and Samuel Rutsky, who set sail on the St. Paul from Kiev, Russia, and first touched American soil in 1902. I am a social entrepreneur, social justice advocate, and soul survivor. I am a mother of black sons and daughter of the South. I Live Inclusively® by committing to “use of self” and building intentional coalitions that foster deeper understanding of our commonalities and respect for our differences.”

Chevara Orrin is an award-winning diversity and inclusion practitioner, social entrepreneur, published author, social justice activist, independent filmmaker, and dynamic public speaker. Her work and passion live at the intersection of gender parity, racial equity, LGBTQ equality, and arts activism. As a diversity and inclusion principal strategist for The Winters Group, Inc., Chevara specializes in devising and facilitating leadership and employee learning sessions on improving cultural agility and work climate, developing comprehensive organizational strategies, building marketplace D&I brand awareness, and developing Business Resource Groups (BRG).

In her previous role as chief creative catalyst for Collective Concepts, she is best known for having conceived and co-created We Are Straight Allies, a national marketing campaign to support equality and move toward passage of inclusive policies to protect the LGBTQ community, along with #WhiteAndWoke™, an initiative to raise awareness about racial inequality and promote equity through intentional action. The successful Allies campaign has drawn the participation of prominent figures such as feminist icon Gloria Steinem, Olympic gold medalist and civil rights attorney Nancy Hogshead-Makar, cultural and faith leaders, and superstars from the corporate world including the CEOs of Florida Blue and SunTrust Bank. Chevara is executive producer of an independent documentary, “The Story of Denise,” which explores the transgender experience and family acceptance.

An outspoken advocate for the eradication of sexual violence against women and girls, Chevara founded WhiteSpace SafeSpace, a monthly support group and forum for incest survivors, and was published in October 2019 in an anthology, “#LoveWITHAccountability,” a collection of writings that examine how accountability is a powerful and necessary form of love needed to address child sexual abuse.

Chevara has been recognized by the White House and the Human Rights Campaign as a leader, advocate and ally for the LGBTQ community, and featured in publications including The Washington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tikkun Magazine, and The Feminist Wire.

Chevara is a certified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®).

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