Christina Lincicome

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Company: SAIF Corporation
Role: Session Presenter

Christina Lincicome is the director who leads the diversity, equity, and inclusion work at SAIF Corporation, Oregon’s not-for-profit workers’ compensation insurance company. She brings 17 years of inclusive leadership skills with an emphasis on building highly productive team environments.

With a passion for people and lifelong learning, Christina has the ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders with cultural sensitivity and is committed to the intercultural community and partners. She demonstrates deep expertise with 10 years in strategic planning and deep knowledge of systems thinking to improve corporate structures in alignment with core goals and objectives.

Christina is a graduate of University of Oregon with a BA in English and minors in business administration and Spanish, and holds a Master of Science in management and organizational development from Warner Pacific University. She is a member of the Inclusion Allies Coalition, Partners in Diversity of Oregon, and the NW Diversity Council. She is a certified Intercultural Development Inventory coach and administrator. Christina holds certifications in Neuroscience of Inclusion/Brain States Awareness Profile, Agile HR, and Inclusive Search Advocacy.

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