Chuck Adams

Managing Principal

Company: Language & Culture Worldwide (LCW)
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Unpacking Racism at the Kitchen Table: Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s and Cream of Wheat (S4-D)

Chuck Adams is an accomplished and adaptive leader with over 20 years of proven experience leading transformation in organizations, ecosystems, and teams. As managing principal, he brings to LCW broad global leadership experience in culture and inclusion, learning and development, talent acquisition, HR operations, and legal compliance. He leverages strong interpersonal and communication skills to build authentic and productive relationships with clients.

His experiences are informed by a career spent in business both as a consumer of diversity and inclusion (D&I) services and as a practitioner of internal and external D&I interventions. He also has deep experience de-biasing talent systems and processes throughout the talent lifecycle. Chuck is known as a calm and thoughtful problem solver.

Prior to joining LCW, Chuck successfully led global teams in talent development, talent acquisition, HR operations, and legal and compliance at Aon, Hewitt Associates, and Tellabs. At Hewitt, he was also responsible for designing and delivering D&I programs for external clients like McKesson, Baxter, Boston Scientific, and others. Chuck has designed and delivered programs domestically and across Canada, Germany, India, Poland, and the UK.

Chuck has 20 years of experience in community, education, and corporate diversity and inclusion programs. He has a BA in American history and an MS in instructional technology and communications from Western Illinois University.



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