Claudia Koerbler

Knowledge Management Specialist

Company: World Bank Group
Role: Session Presenter

Claudia Koerbler, an international development specialist, currently works as knowledge management specialist for the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) of the World Bank Group. Claudia’s passion for eradication of hunger, elimination of poverty, and creating social impact speaks through her engagements. Before joining the IFC, she worked at the United Nations, World Bank Group as a knowledge management professional with an emphasis on South to South Cultural Capacity Building Programs in the Latin America and Africa regions. Her driving force is enunciating change and creating an impact through supporting developing nations.

Claudia is a senior advisor on the steering committee of the Youth2Youth (Y2Y) community of the World Bank Group and the co-chair of the Youth Innovation Fund. The Y2Y community enables her innovative talent, efficiency, and passion for creating an impact on youth to increase employability, community engagement, and life skills in developing nations. Additionally, as an Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) and cross-cultural mediator and trainer, she served as the membership chair of an NGO called Families in Global Transition (FIGT) to promote and engage in the storytelling of the global nomad.

Claudia is host of a YouTube channel called Global Storytelling for Global Development and a Facebook platform with the goal to use storytelling as a tool to create and foster social impact globally. The TEDx speaker and Forbes expert contributor talks about measures to eradicate extreme poverty, driving social impact forward, and her experience working in international development.

Her professional career in the U.S. is based in diplomatic service. She has served her native embassy of the Republic of Austria and the Royal Netherlands embassy in Washington, D.C., in different capacities. At the embassy of the Republic of Austria, Claudia acted in an advisory role for the cabinet of the Austrian Minister of Finance on trans-cultural communication and investment opportunities for small and medium enterprises in the United States and globally.

As an Austrian-born global citizen, she has lived and worked in the U.S., Spain, the U.K., and Italy, speaks five languages including German, English, and Spanish, and is a trained simultaneous interpreter. Claudia has refined her skills in cross-cultural communication and continues to enjoy the beauty, challenges, and difficulties of living and working in different cultures.

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