Cynthia Overton

Cynthia Overton


Company: Inclusion Clearinghouse
Role: Session Presenter
Session: Pipeline Perceptions and Realities: A Deeper Look at Barriers to D&I in Tech and Its Impact on Society (S1 - F)

Twitter: @InclusionCHouse

LinkedIn: @CynthiaOverton

Cynthia Overton is founder of, an online repository of resources that supports diversity and inclusion leaders, particularly those in tech, by providing easy access to data reports, promising practices, and other resources to guide professional decisions. The website also lists organizations, along with talent development and pipeline recruitment programs, that prepare individuals from underrepresented backgrounds for careers in tech. For additional information about Inclusion Clearinghouse, please see an article published in Black Enterprise which can be found at

Cynthia has spent 13 years in the professional services industry. Throughout this time, she has led projects that enhance opportunities for underrepresented populations and has worked on corporate initiatives to promote workforce diversity and inclusion. She also specializes in accessible technology that can be enjoyed by people with disabilities and aging populations. A proud HBCU graduate, Cynthia earned a B.A. from Hampton University. She also holds an M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in instructional technology with a concentration in accessible technology, and a master’s in PR/corporate communications from Georgetown University.

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