Dr. Deborah Ashton

Chief Psychologist and Learning Officer

Company: Diversity MBA Learning Solutions
Role: Session Presenter

2019 Conference Session: Diversity Recruiting Bootcamp (SEM-E)
2020 Conference Session: Diversity Recruiting Bootcamp (SEM-G)

Dr. Deborah Ashton, a licensed psychologist, has 30+ years of cross-industry experience in human resources and D&I. Currently chief psychologist and learning officer at Diversity MBA Learning Solutions, she is a diversity, equity and inclusion strategist. Dr. Ashton, the founder of Planet Perspective, has headed diversity and inclusion for Medtronic, Darden Restaurants, Harley-Davidson, Novant Health and Argonne National Laboratory. She is the former chief of Test Development and Validation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She received her doctorate from Harvard University where she studied with Dr. Chester ‘Chet’ Pierce, who coined the term “microaggression.” Deborah specializes in organizational psychology, developing an inclusive workplace, and mitigating implicit bias by understanding the relationship between the brain, bias and behavior.

She created the 360° Inclusion Leadership Profile™ (ILP), the Inclusive Culture Profile (ICP) and the Six Pillars of Diversity and Inclusion™ strategical framework, which treats the organization as an ecosystem. The ILP assesses individual strengths and developmental needs for leading an inclusive and multicultural workforce and provides action plans to assist with leadership development. The ICP measures the inclusiveness of an organization’s environment and provides guidance to increase inclusion.

With Pam McElvane, Deborah developed the Seven Stages of Inclusion Maturity Model (7SI Maturity Model). The 7SI Maturity Model provides information about the current organizational stage of inclusion, and identifies organizational gaps and strengths to create a consistent integrated inclusive culture and leverage diversity and inclusion to meet business objectives.

Diversity MBA, Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, DiversityInc, International Labour Organization, Global Summit of Women, the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity–American Hospital Association, and other professional organizations recognize Deborah as a diversity and inclusion thought leader. Savoy Magazine named her one of the 2014 Top Influential Women in Corporate America. She has presented at international conferences from Mexico to Australia.

Deborah provides guidance and coaching on how to mitigate unconscious bias in the workplace and in talent management, and has published in Harvard Business Review, Diversity MBA, Diversity Executive, etc. Her Harvard Business Review articles are “Does Race or Gender Matter More to Your Paycheck?” and “What HR Can Do to Fix the Gender Pay Gap.” She chairs the peer review board for the Diversity Business Review, a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) journal written by DEI practitioners for DEI practitioners, human resources and line management.

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