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Dominic Longo

Founder & Managing Director

Company: Flourishing Gays
Role: Podcast Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 51: Exclusive Programs for Inclusive Leaders: The Case for LGBTQ+ Leadership Development

Flourishing Gays founder and managing director Dominic Longo, Ph.D., draws on his diverse professional background in the development and leadership of Flourishing Gays as a social enterprise. His greatest passion is fostering the holistic development and transformation of individuals, communities, and organizations, whether through mentoring, consulting, coaching, facilitating, training, or teaching. He is on a quest to live life fully, to serve others using all that he is, and always to keep on learning and growing.

Learning to flourish as a gay man has been a journey for Dominic of creating and re-creating himself and his form of life. Explorations of himself, his body, and the gay cultures in Egypt, Dubai, Berlin, Mexico, Istanbul, Costa Rica, Provincetown, Minneapolis, and Omaha have been fundamental to this journey. Intense study, personal reflection, and substantive conversations have also been persistent features of his life, as he entered into numerous other cultures and language communities.

Besides Flourishing Gays, Dominic has co-founded two other LGBTQ organizations. While at McKinsey & Company, Dominic founded GLAM Allies, the employee resource group for allies of LGBTQ colleagues. More recently, Dominic teamed up with another Boston College alum to found a LGBTQ alumni association, which recently received official recognition as an affiliate of the University.

As a management consultant at McKinsey, Dominic became expert in business strategy as it intersects with leadership development, capability building, cultural transformation, and organizational development. He managed teams and led projects for private and public sector clients, including Fortune 500 companies, major non-profits, and government agencies in multiple countries.

In his corporate career, Dominic has also managed international marketing, Middle East sales, and business development functions for a global equipment manufacturer. He holds a Professional Certified Coach credential from ICF, the largest guild of professional coaches globally. As a scholar, Dominic has been a tenure-track professor and director of a center for Muslim-Christian dialogue, where he integrated leadership development into interreligious dialogue programming for undergraduate students, faculty, and staff. His doctorate from Harvard University is in Arabic and Islamic Studies, and he has distinctive expertise in queer comparative Christian-Islamic theology. Dr. Longo’s book Spiritual Grammar, published by Fordham University Press, has just been released in paperback.

Besides teaching leadership development at the MBA level, he has taught university courses in Arabic, Islamic Studies, Christian theology, Western intellectual history, Arab political history, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. He holds university degrees from Harvard and Boston College, and is also an alum of a year-long advanced Arabic program at the American University in Cairo. Dominic is a native of Omaha, Nebraska and a citizen of Italy and the United States.

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