Dr. Amer Ahmed


Company: Global Inclusion Partners LLC
Role: Session Presenter

Dr. Amer F. Ahmed is an organizational strategist who helps institutions and leaders address diversity and inclusion, equity, race, and intercultural development through consulting, coaching, group facilitation, and keynote speeches. A frequently requested speaker nationwide, his approach is grounded in a commitment to inclusive community and excellence. He brings his identity as the son of Indian Muslim immigrants and extensive years as an intercultural and diversity consultant as the sources of a pivotal understanding of the depth of equity and inclusion work.

Throughout his career, Amer has worked with large organizations, higher education institutions, nonprofit agencies, schools, and community groups to create understanding and change among key constituents and institutional leaders. His thought leadership and keen sense of the latest trends informs his approaches to helping groups address potential areas of opportunity to grow and develop. He incorporates deep theoretical knowledge of the field combined with a variety of methods including storytelling, discourse on current events, and connections to art and music to move audiences to profound awareness of issues and next steps.

He is the host of “The Eclectic Inclusion Podcast” featuring prominent figures from the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and beyond. Amer has published key opinion pieces and has been featured in media such as MSNBC, documentary film, and other national press outlets for his commentary and critical perspective on news and significant topics in society. He has also keynoted prominent conferences including the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE), the Global Engagement in the Liberal Arts Conference, and the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (SIETAR) Conference.

Dr. Ahmed is the founder and CEO of AFA Diversity Consulting, LLC, a consulting practice dedicated to enhancing the development of organizations through efforts around leadership, professional development, assessment, and strategic change, and is co-founder of Global Inclusion Partners. In addition to his consulting work, he currently serves as vice provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Faculty in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration program in the College of Education and Social Services at University of Vermont.

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