Dr. Brian Carwana

Executive Director

Company: Encounter World Religions Centre
Role: Session Presenter

Dr. Brian Carwana is the executive director of Encounter World Religions. For more than two decades, he has taught religious literacy programs from a non-sectarian perspective, helping organizations and their staff open the door to meaningful conversations and build those crucial relationships with authenticity and sensitivity.

Both insightful and informative, Brian’s programs tap into our natural curiosity about the world around us, helping participants understand and dismantle personal biases and avoid missteps or microaggressions with colleagues, clients, neighbors, and friends. Participants regularly comment that his presentations are immediately helpful in their day-to-day interactions.

Brian has consulted and worked with North American organizations in major sectors including health care, education, government, manufacturing, and technology. He has spoken at some of North America’s largest police services and the Encounter World Religions annual Discovery Week has attracted professionals in policing, education, HR, and many other professions from Canada and the United States.

As an associate with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, he’s delivered innovative programs to some of the country’s largest and most forward-thinking companies. Brian is a sought-after expert in religious traditions and in religious and cultural diversity. As a speaker, panelist, facilitator, and teacher, he’s entertaining and engaging while also delivering meaningful content that helps move us all toward inclusivity and religious literacy.

Brian began a career in strategy consulting before obtaining his master’s degree and doctorate in religion. Under his leadership, Encounter’s programs have reached more than 200,000 people and the Centre was recognized as a Gift of Service to the World by the Parliament of World Religions.

In addition to consulting work, Brian runs a highly respected Discovery Week each year in Toronto where participants take part in classes covering 11 religions and visit more than 20 places of worship, to learn firsthand about the rich tapestry of religious traditions that form our communities.

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