Dr. Brian Grim

Dr. Brian Grim


Company: Religious Freedom & Business Foundation
Role: Session Presenter Session: The Corporate Diversity Index: A Tool for Measuring Global Religious D&I (S3-G)

Brian J. Grim, PhD, is the founder and president of the Annapolis, Maryland-based Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, and a leading expert on international religious demography and the socio-economic impact of restrictions on religious freedom. Brian’s recent widely covered research finds that religion contributed $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy annually, 50 percent more than America’s six largest oil companies, and has a higher value than the combined revenues of the top 10 technology companies in the U.S., including Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Brian holds a visiting professorship at St. Mary’s University in London and also works closely with the United Nations “Business for Peace” platform. Brian is recent chair of the World Economic Forum’s council on the role of faith. He is an associate scholar at the Religious Liberty Project at Georgetown University and an affiliated scholar at Boston University’s Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs.

Brian’s doctorate is in sociology from The Pennsylvania State University, and he is author of numerous articles and books, including The Price of Freedom Denied (Cambridge), The World Religion Database (Brill), The World’s Religions in Figures (Wiley), and The Yearbook of International Religious Demography (Brill).