Dr. Cynthia H. Love


Company: Out for Undergraduates (O4U)
Role: Session Presenter

Cynthia H. Love, EdD, is CEO for Out for Undergraduates (O4U), a nonprofit corporation dedicated to leadership pathways for LGBTQ undergraduates recruited by the top 130 banking/finance, marketing, engineering, and technology corporations in the U.S. Before accepting the role at O4U, Cynthia was CEO of ACPA–College Student Educators International, a D.C.-based higher education association in operation since 1924. A leading expert in the development and growth of internet-based international communities of knowledge and practice, as well as disintermediation due to disruptive innovation, Cynthia is a consultant, author, and speaker with interests in development of cultures of advocacy, cultural competency, and D&I. She created the national marketing campaign and book, Would Jesus Discriminate? The 21st Century Question, and is a Huffington Post blogger. She founded an INC 500 company in 1990, later acquired by The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC).

She currently serves on the working group advising the U.S. Secretary of State on religion and foreign policy, and is the recent recipient of the Facilitator Award by Stetson College University of Law for helping colleges create reasonably safe climates. Cynthia was a guest on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” with senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin to respond to the question of legal liability for pastors who encourage violence against gay children by parents in their congregations, and was keynote for the National Religious Broadcasters Convention Public Policy Debate in 2011.

She is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School executive education program for state and local officials, and the MIT Birthing of Giants inaugural program for INC 500 executives.

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