Dr. Jacqueline Battalora

Professor of Sociology

Company: Saint Xavier University, Chicago
Role: Session Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 17 – A Bridge Between Whiteness and Belonging

Dr. Jacqueline Battalora is the author of Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today, and the forthcoming book, How White Are You? along with numerous articles. She is an editor for the journal of Understanding and Dismantling Privilege.

Dr. Battalora is an attorney, a professor of sociology at Saint Xavier University, and a former Chicago police officer. She teaches courses in law and society having completed her PhD at Northwestern University, where her research was shaped by an interest in the social forces that make deep human connections so difficult to sustain when people do not share the same racial classification. Her graduate training includes social ethics, theology, sociology, and law. Her areas of research include critical race legal theory, whiteness and law, and race and social ethics. Her writings explore the enforcement of divisions between people, specifically the making of human difference in law.

Jacqueline speaks widely on the topic of the invention of white people in law and has been conducting white awareness and inclusivity and equity trainings since the 1990s. She has trained undergraduate and graduate students, and teachers as well as lawyers, judges, activists, and corporate and law enforcement officials on the legal historical record of white privilege and its implications for work conducted today.

Her work is featured on the web-based instructional series, “Anthropology in 10 minutes or Less”; the documentary film, “The American L.O.W.S.” by Darnley R. Hodge, Jr.; and the documentary film, “HAPI” by Gerard Grant. She is a regular contributor on The Philippe Matthews Show. Learn more on her Facebook.

LinkedIn: Jackie Battalora
Twitter: @JackieBattalora

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