Dr. Laura Bogardus

Co-President and CEO

Company: Noble Aim Consulting | Bogardus Consulting
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Hear Me Out. The Art and Science of Listening to Understand (TT4-C)

Dr. Laura Bogardus is a highly trained, experienced, and respected authority on workplace and change management issues. She is founder and CEO of two consulting firms: Bogardus Consulting and Noble Aim Consulting.

Through Bogardus Consulting, she provides companies and organizations expert guidance on strategic growth and development, board management, and workforce inclusion. Her focus at Noble Aim Consulting is to help coalitions reach unprecedented outcomes and achieve systemic change.

Her research interests focus primarily on reducing workplace disparities. As an advocate for workforce inclusion, Laura has significant expertise in fair hiring practices, veteran’s employment, and disability inclusion. She is a TEDx Greenville speaker and is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences, lead workshops, and provide expert commentary and opinion to journalists.

Laura is a distinguished Marano Fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Sector Skills Academy for Innovative Workforce Strategies; a Certified Senior Human Resource Professional; a ProsciR Certified Change Management Practitioner; and is formally trained in the process of civil mediation.



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