Dr. Michael Baran

Dr. Michael Baran


Company: Interactive Diversity Solutions
Role: Session Presenter Session: Beyond E-learning: Pushing Technology Boundaries to Power the Future of Inclusion (S2-G)

Dr. Michael Baran, president of Interactive Diversity Solutions (IDS), is a cultural anthropologist with more than 20 years of experience researching, teaching, consulting, and innovating technology solutions for diversity and inclusion. He currently consults for businesses, schools / universities and nonprofits on issues related to diversity and inclusion, often incorporating the digital tools developed at IDS as part of a blended approach. In this capacity, he has presented on diversity and inclusion issues to representatives from companies such as Starbucks, Boeing, Nordstrom, and Costco. He has been quoted or featured in numerous articles on race in the media from sources such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Slate, Wired magazine, and others.

In addition to his IDS work, Michael has taught courses on race and identity at Harvard University and the University of Michigan. He has worked as associate director at FrameWorks Institute and currently works as a principal researcher at the American Institutes of Research. In that capacity, he conducts and organizes ethnographic research for social change on a variety of issues, including race and identity, racial disparities in education, violence against children, healthy housing, environmental health, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform for funders such as the MacArthur Foundation, the National Science Foundation, UNICEF, and the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Michael received his MA and PhD in anthropology with a certificate in Culture and Cognition from the University of Michigan, and his BA from Emory University. He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and is learning Haitian Creole.