Michael Baran Headshot

Dr. Michael Baran

Senior Partner and Digital Solutions Lead

Company: inQUEST
Role: Session Presenter
Session: D&I Training—Gamified (S4-B)

Michael drives organizations toward innovative, evidence-based diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions by drawing on a deep understanding of the social science behind culture and cognition, identity, and communication. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience from his own cultural anthropology research, he knows what works and uses those insights to create real change for organizations.

As a Senior Partner at inQUEST, Michael brings his unique perspective to his speaking engagements, writing on critical DEI topics, consulting with organizations, leadership development, and workshop facilitation. As
Digital Solutions Lead, he ensures that best practices are incorporated into scalable digital products that engage and delight people with cutting edge social science, real people, and actual scenarios. He customizes sustainable change management plans for organizations that integrate the best of both in-person and scalable digital platforms.

In addition to his inQUEST work, he has taught courses on race and identity, Latin America, child development, and research methodology at Harvard University and the University of Michigan. He has worked as Associate Director at the FrameWorks Institute and Principal Researcher at the American Institutes of Research, conducting ethnographic research to inform strategic framing and culturally competent campaigns around a variety of pressing social issues.

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