Dr. Niru Kumar

Founder, D&I Consultant

Company: ASK Insights, New Delhi, India
Role: Session Presenter

Dr. Niru Kumar has been powerfully impacting and transforming lives through a unique blend of expertise in modern medicine, psychology, coaching skills and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is a medical doctor, psychologist, diversity and inclusion consultant and an NLP expert. A pioneer in bringing awareness of the D&I concept to Indian organizations and individuals, Niru is a certified NLP Master Practitioner trained by Dr. Richard Bandler, founder of NLP. She is also a California Hypnosis Institute certified teacher and a practitioner of hypnosis.

Niru did her MBBS studies at the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College of New Delhi from 1979 until 1985. She joined Central Government Health Services (CGHS), which is with the Government of India, under a gazetted officer cadre. During her 28 years of tenure with CGHS, she got regular promotions and reached the level of senior chief medical officer. In this role, she handled both clinical and senior administrative roles. After the years with CGHS, Niru decided to follow her passion—holistic health.

Dr. Niru had a spiritual bent from an early age and through the years she had begun exploring the fields of Reiki and Pranic Healing. She attained the highest certifications in both these fields and has been giving workshops and programs for 15 years. A spiritual seeker by heart, she not only teaches but is constantly in the learning frame still attending workshops and sessions as a student.

Each of Niru’s sessions are one-of-a-kind as she skillfully uses diversity, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to bring profound and authentic transformation in the personal and professional lives of the participants. Having a physical disability from polio since age three, and being a woman from a developing country, she has faced major physical and inclusion issues herself. As a result, she is extremely passionate, sensitive and aware in the arena of D&I and has made it her life’s mission to spread awareness of D&I.

Having post-graduate qualifications in psychology and being a life and executive coach, Niru has been counseling and mentoring diverse people running the gamut of social strata, industries, locations, and levels. She has global clients from the U.S., UK, Australia, Norway, and Dubai and has taken care of the physical, psychological and spiritual health of many for more than 30 years.

Niru is a known pioneer in the field of diversity and inclusion and has trained organizations and more than 10,000 professionals, from frontline employees to global leaders. Organizations like PepsiCo, Yum! Brands, Vodafone, Walmart, Ernst & Young (EY), Aditya Birla Group and Airtel decided to roll out their D&I initiatives in partnership and consultancy with Dr. Niru Kumar. These organizations have achieved measurable tangible results and have also received global visibility and awards for their collaborative initiatives with her. Other prestigious strategic alliances include TGIG (The Gender Intelligence Group) led by Barbara Annis, Dr. Alan Richter of QED Consulting, and The FutureWork Institute. She makes a proactive effort to be part of large international diversity forums and groups, where the best diversity leaders in the world join hands to make a difference.

Niru was recently recognized as among “The Top 100 Global Diversity Leaders” by The Times Group. She often appears on television, is featured in business magazines, and is also regularly invited to schools and colleges to guide and motivate teachers, parents and students through talks and seminars. She has achieved a name for herself and her positivism, optimism, strength and authenticity are indeed a source of inspiration to many.

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